A Guide to Vaccinating Your Pet in Sweden

Swedes are generally vaccinated, but there is no law requiring pets to be vaccinated. If you’re travelling to Sweden and you’re bringing your pet with you, it’s definitely a good idea to get them vaccinated against rabies, cat flu, and other common diseases. Make sure to get them vaccinated by the best vaccinator – For this, read the reviews on ReviewsBird and find the best vaccination centres in Sweden.

Get your pet vaccinated – Important!

It is necessary to get your pet vaccinated from an institute that buys vaccines and medical supplies from healthcare trusted sources. Swedish online store reviews can be found on the transparent reviewing platforms that help pharmacies make medical supplies purchasing decisions through other people’s reviews and experiences.

Pet vaccination

Of course, if something happens to your pet while you’re in Sweden and you can’t take them to a veterinary clinic, being vaccinated will help reduce the risk of them getting sick. So whether you’re travelling with a pet or not, make sure to get vaccinated against the most common diseases in Sweden.

Owner’s Responsibility

There are several rules and regulations that one needs to follow when travelling with pets to Sweden. If you intend to bring a pet home to Sweden after a vacation in another country, or if you bought a pet abroad, it is the owners’ responsibility to make sure that all requirements set by the state are met.

Therefore, you must research the requirements for travelling to Sweden and make sure your pet has ID-marking, vaccination data of all the required diseases (e.g rabies), and an up-to-date passport. Visit the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture travel guide to find out the regulations and documentation that are necessary when travelling with your pet to Sweden.

Pet Examination

Make an appointment with your local vet to help you with information about additional vaccinations and tips on how to handle your animal on the journey to and from Sweden. Along with the previous instructions, registration of your pet with Swedish Customs is also compulsory and required when you are travelling to Sweden. In the case of travelling in Denmark, the owner must follow the same rules as if they were bringing their pet to Sweden. A timely report must be done when you enter Sweden with any animal to Swedish Customs where they might ask for general data and documentation regarding the animal.

Pet Record

The Swedish Board of Agriculture also controls the Central Pet Registry where all pet owners register all the necessary data about themselves and their pets. No specific breed of dog is prohibited to be brought to Sweden, although aggressive dogs that are likely to cause violence to humans and other animals might not be allowed to enter the country easily. In the case of any attack, the owner needs to have liability insurance that provides coverage for the damage done to any person or property by their pet.


Vaccination will protect your pet from various diseases. It’ll also protect you if your pet becomes sick while you’re in Sweden. Costly treatments can be avoided by vaccinating your pet and